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Proudly serving since 2012

Mama Dukes Catering was founded by visionary Chef Thomas 'TJ' Jones.  Chef TJ, who comes from a long history of cooks and chefs, was most inspired by his mother, Dorothy.  Mrs. Jones was a chef for greater than 30 years, working for St. Edmonds Academy and the Brothers of the Holy Cross Catholic Residential Mansion.  She constantly beckoned Thomas whenever she was in the kitchen to assist and learn the proper methods of preparing good food.  When Thomas learned that the most important ingredient to any dish is love, it was then that he realized that he loved to cook.


As the years progressed Thomas fought his passion for cooking seeking other career interests.  He spent several years in the United States Marine Corp. and the United States Army, specializing in Telecommunications and was noted as a Top Sharp Shooter.  During his military career, Chef TJ became aware of his relationship with Christ.  After actively serving in various roles in the Church, he was ultimately licensed as a Minister.


Chef TJ’s Military career was shortened due to injury, but that did not stop him from persistently striving to achieve.  After receiving Medical Discharge from the military, he immediately enrolled at Augusta State University majoring in Business and minor in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance and Jazz Trumpet.   Thomas attended Southern Barber College, where he earned his licensing as a Master Barber.  He spent several years as a Dekalb County Police Officer.  He is certified in fiber optics, telephone, and cable installation; and is licensed to operate commercial vehicles.  He accomplished all of this to ultimately recognize that his passion still lies in preparing good food, just like his mother used to make.


Thomas enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, where he earned his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, NEHA Managerial Food Safety Certification, and served as the President of the Barbeque Club.  His education at Le Cordon Bleu tremendously increased his awareness of not only the importance of good tasting food, but how to prepare HEALTHY good tasting food.  

Chef TJ was featured on the Food Network as a contestant in Episode 12 of Cooks vs Cons, 'Fish and Chips Championship'.  This was a great experience and opportunity for him to share his passion for preparing delicious meals with the world.  He was also seen on CBS46 on Atlanta Plugged In..  Click HERE to view. 

The vision for Mama Dukes Catering is to embody the essence of mothers across the globe providing cuisine from various cultures.  To include but not limited to Barbeque, Seafood, Italian, Mexican, Caribbean, Japanese, and Chinese. Chef TJ found the biggest key to preparing good, healthy, foods is using wholesome ingredients from locally owned and operated farms.  In addition, food selection according to the appropriate season is imperative to achieve maximum flavor and health benefits.  Mama Dukes is committed to providing hearty, high quality cuisine, which comforts the soul and excites the taste buds just like Mama used to make.

MEET OUR CHEF - Thomas 'TJ' Jones
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